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United Brand Group delivers the strategy, marketing and sales management your business needs for long term success in China.

Change in China is rapid and has an immediate impact, which is why successful international brands rely on an in market team to navigate the challenges and quickly capitalise on opportunities.

Based in Australia and China, United Brand Group’s multi-disciplinary team have managed some of the world’s most successful brands and deliver this experience and expertise to International brands wanting to fast-track their sales in China.

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Thorough understanding of the China market with over 15 years’ in-market experience

Long-established and extensive China customer networks
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Multi-category expertise including food & beverage, mother & baby, pet care,skincare, health care, beef, wine and fresh food

Customised solutions based on your brand objectives

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Chinese Business Intelligence: A unique approach

China Business Intelligence (CBI) refers to United Brand Group’s collective China market insights, understanding of Chinese business culture, first-hand China sales and marketing experience and extensive China customer network. CBI is not just about acquiring information, it is our unique ability to apply this knowledge practically, creatively and analytically providing tremendous value to brands.
CBI is the driving force behind United Brand Group’s and our brands’ success in China.

Our Services

Simple yet highly efficient, our approach is tailored for each brand and provide a robust
business case to deliver brand sales.
1.Strategy for sustainable sales
In-depth market data, honest customer feedback, real consumer insights, detailed financial
modelling and key considerations for confident ongoing decision-making.
2. Marketing Management for sales growth
A thorough understanding of how and where to maximise your marketing expenditure, as well
as the expertise on the ground in China to make sure it’s driving traffic and sales conversions.
3. Sales Management for long term success
An extensive network of major cross-border eCommerce platforms, local Daigou traders,
China based specialty retailers, distributors, wholesalers and traders.

About Us

United Brand Group was launched as part of the expansion of successful Australia and China-based operation, The Clean Food Co., in response to the continuous increase in demand from International brands wanting to capitalise on the China market and take advantage of China’s economic growth and regulatory changes for foreign brand imports.

Building on an impressive portfolio of brands, United Brand Group are credited with redefining the export services space through their unique approach, agile work practices, extensive customer network and hard-won China Business Intelligence (CBI) including a deep understanding of how to do business in China.

United Brand Group focus categories include food & beverage, skincare, pet care, health care, beef and fresh with plans for further expansion anticipated in the future.


Who we work with

We know how to help brands turn the challenges of the Chinese market into sustainable sales growth.

Our expertise has been hard-won as a strategic partner in China with some of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands. Now it’s your turn.


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